Projectcoƶrdinator Heartbeat & Sample

The Projectcoördinator Heartbeat & Sample is an essential role on the junction between the development process for a new generation of our bicycles and the planning and manufacturing processes of those and all other bikes within the Accell brand portfolio.

Key objectives / Accountabilities

  • Responsible -together with collection management, I&T and manufacturing units- for smooth sample process execution with clear deadlines in order to deliver sample bikes in time in full for the purposes we need them for.
  • Responsible for continuous improvement of the sample process with all relevant stakeholders involved (MU’s, MSU’s, I&T, Suppliers, Group Planning, Group Procurement, Collection Management, etc.)
  • Responsible for roll-out of the centralized sample process towards all other relevant Accell companies and brands that are currently still out of scope
  • Ensure excellent (master)-data alignment and harmonization between all internal and external functions and stakeholders.
  • Be the “go to person” and serve as vocal point of contact within the supply planning team for operational and data-related sample-questions.
  • Consolidates, communicates and discusses (new) sample forecasts with key suppliers assuring one Accell planning number for all samples used across Accell
  • Responsible for development, maintenance and steering on KPI-dashboard (e.g. OTIF launch of samples into the market, managing expectations of commercial teams around availability of samples, keeping internal milestones, (supplier) forecast bias, etc.) - together with I&T.
  • Supports and coordination of Heartbeat process and safeguards of deadlines & milestones as described in this vacancy
  • Design and maintain KPI Dashboard of Heartbeat process

What we ask for

This new, exciting and forward looking role requires strong capabilities and work style in the following areas:

  • Higher education Bachelor or Masters degree (e.g. Business Administration, Supply Chain Management, or equivalent)
  • Minimum of 4 - 5 years’ work experience in a cross-functional business position in the area of Supply Chain, Manufacturing or Product Management / Engineering
  • Outstanding working knowledge and experience with MS Excel and data management
  • Experience in project management
  • Hands-on mentality, energetic, results focused, teamplayer
  • Strong facilitation, communication, collaboration & engagement skills to be effective in our international business environment

What is the role about

The Heartbeat is the Accell core process of developing our new bikes and collections from consumer insight to go-to-market. It determines the rhythm during the whole year and connects all disciplines and teams directly involved in the making of our great bikes. As the Heartbeat coordinator you make sure everything is in place and everybody is aligned in each step of the process. It is an exciting and crucial role. You will be part of the core team that defines, designs, develops and sells our collections. You will be working on the crossroads of brand, marketing, R&D, sales, operations, planning, procurement and finance. You’ll be on top of innovations, market trends and bike development.

As coordinator you are responsible for timelines, deliverables and multi-disciplinary alignment. Getting a new collection on time in full (OTIF) in the market requires discipline. Sales reports, consumer research, product briefings, brand strategies, demand plans, CTG concepts, etc. need to be ready exactly at the right time to be able to make the right decisions and built the collection. Every month the multidisciplinary teams around each brand come together and five times a year the key decisions are taken about the new collection. You work closely with the Collection managers for each brand and make sure deadlines are set and respected and the process runs smoothly. You are the go-to-person for all disciplines, process monitor and inspirator.

You are a strong communicator and enjoy working with people from all disciplines, levels and backgrounds. One of your core strengths is connecting people. You are disciplined, practical, result driven and have a good eye for details. You enjoy planning and creating order.

This expert role also further develops and extends, drives, coordinates and executes the Accell wide Sample process in full alignment with the Accell heartbeat-calendar. Therefore, working closely together with all relevant teams and functions in our European and Asian organization is an exciting and interesting part of the role. Building trust and maintaining relationships via remote or face-to-face contacts is essential to be able to quickly deal with bottle necks in the process and operational challenges. Supply Planning, NPI Planning, Quality management, MSU sales, Collection Management, Suppliers, Procurement, Marketing and I&T form together the community which is creating our high-quality and competitive product portfolio, with the ultimate goal to have all samples ready on time in full.

The Sample process scope entails a number of milestones throughout the year. Working at the early stages of forecasting the company sample needs together with Global Collection Management and Product Developers / Managers, the Sample Coordinator continuously monitors the progress and balances risks (technical/costs) and opportunities (commercial) that could impact the on time availability of the samples for the different purposes (e.g. Accell house shows, brand campaigns, press releases, mass production samples, photo-shootings, etc.). The impact of potential internal / external deviations to the sample master plan are also to be predicted and communicated with all relevant stakeholders.

Data collection, forecast analyses and sharing progress updates with all relevant stakeholders is an essential task for the Sample Coordinator. Bringing across the message behind the data and understanding the impact on others requires strong communication capabilities. The Sample coordinator collects and shares the forecast with suppliers, monitors and challenges potential (development) risks internally and externally and serves as the “go-to-person” for operational questions that pop-up at suppliers, manufacturing units or other internal stakeholders

This also includes the assurance of on-time involvement of relevant supply chain teams to pro-actively assess manufacturing capability needs, quality risks, supplier collaborative planning (e.g. capacity reservations / forecast sharing / supplier feedback handling, etc.).

Our Company

We believe that cycling moves the world forward. We design simple and smart solutions in order to create a fantastic cycling experience for everyone who uses our bikes. Accell Group makes bicycles and trades bicycle parts and accessories. We are the European market leader in e-bikes and second largest in bicycle parts and accessories. With numerous leading European bicycle brands under one roof. These brands were built by pioneers for whom the best was not good enough. We still embody the entrepreneurial spirit of those family businesses to this day. We keep pushing ourselves to create high-quality, high performance, cutting-edge products driven by the continuous exchange of know-how and craftsmanship. Well-known bicycle brands in our portfolio include Haibike, Winora, Ghost, Batavus, Koga, Lapierre, Raleigh, Sparta, Babboe and Carqon. XLC is our brand for bicycle parts and accessories. Accell Group employs approximately 3,400 people across 18 countries. Our bikes and related products are sold to dealers and consumers in more than 80 countries. In 2019, we sold around 943 thousand bicycles and recorded a turnover of over € 1.1 billion.

Accell Group shares are traded on the official market of Euronext Amsterdam and are included in the Amsterdam Small Cap index (AScX).

How to apply

Please use the “Apply now”. If you have upfront questions, please contact Jurian Bootsma (

Acquisition of employment agencies for this vacancy is not appreciated.


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