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Accell Group BV is a strong, ambitious organisation with international focus on the middle and upper segments of the market for bicycles, bicycle parts and accessories.

Our company has market-leading positions in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, France, Finland, Turkey and the United Kingdom. 

Accell Western Europe develops, manufactures and sells bicycles and parts under the Batavus, Juncker Bike Parts, Koga, Loekie, Sparta, Van Nicholas and XLC components brand names.

The organisation is responding strongly to the changing consumer market by offering a wide and modern range and an industry-standard marketing approach, both towards the dealer network and consumers. The majority of sales are made via the professional trade.

If you are interested in our companies, vacancies abroad or our sister company Babboe in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, you can find their vacancy job pages below:

For Babboe in the Netherlands:


For Germany:

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